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Altair® HPCWorks™
High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud Platform

Powerful computing enables discovery, and Altair® HPCWorks™ makes high-performance and cloud computing fast, efficient, and productive — whether your resources are on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid mix. Expertly manage IT complexity and enable the latest AI workloads. Align work with your business priorities using features including cost controls, failure mitigation, and remote visualization. The Altair HPCWorks computing platform powers the world’s most critical HPC and high-throughput workloads in science, manufacturing, chip design, and more.

The convergence of HPC with simulation and data analytics is creating even more opportunities to innovate and partner with users and industry collaborators to deliver the latest technology and develop tomorrow’s game-changing innovations.

One Solution for High-Performance and High-Throughput Computing

Because not all workloads are the same, Altair HPCWorks is built for a wide variety of computing requirements and is designed to make life easier for managers, administrators, and end users. With a rich set of tools to access, control, and optimize computing resources, users can collaborate from anywhere, control costs, move seamlessly between on-premises and cloud resources, and make better decisions with detailed monitoring and reporting data.

Altair HPCWorks solutions optimize computing and empower users with tools that let them focus on their core work, whether your organization runs a small cluster, computes in the cloud, or maintains one of the world’s largest data centers.

Multi-Dimensional HPC Solutions


You need the right job scheduler for your organization’s unique computing requirements — and not all job scheduling software is created equal. Altair HPCWorks solutions aren’t just HPC workload managers; they deliver storage-aware scheduling and then go beyond to encompass monitoring, reporting, forecasting, budgeting, I/O profiling, flow dependency analysis, and more.

Because every computing environment is unique and job scheduling automation is only part of the picture, Altair HPCWorks also includes advanced workload management solutions for every requirement including complex exascale loads, widely distributed computing, hardware emulation environments, and millions of short operations in areas like semiconductor design, with hierarchical scheduling for greater throughput.


HPC system management can be challenging, and IT administrators need to keep their HPC environments running smoothly so users can stay productive. Altair makes maintaining an HPC platform easy by giving admins a control center for managing, optimizing, and forecasting resources.

Altair HPCWorks delivers advanced analytics to support data-driven planning and decision-making. Administrators can perform what-if analysis using workload simulation to determine the most productive way to scale an HPC system’s resources and manage cloud computing, high-performance clusters, and the largest-scale local and distributed systems.


Altair makes accessing computing resources easier than ever. With Altair HPCWorks, teams can collaborate from anywhere, share their work, and edit application data without needing to download large files. Researchers and engineers don’t need to be IT experts to access critical HPC resources, which frees them to focus on their work.

With the easy-to-use HPC portal in Altair HPCWorks, users can run solvers, view progress, manage data, and use 3D remote visualization via web, desktop, or mobile. And our open architecture means you can use third-party applications without needing additional software development. Altair’s smart, simple interface makes job submission quick and easy.

By partnering with Altair, we implemented a brand-new HPC cloud architecture in just a few weeks without impacting users’ work. The new infrastructure enables our team to get critical engineering work done quickly and efficiently without the headaches of operating an on-premises data center.
Mauro Bighi, CIO PUNCH Group


Software licensing can be a significant expense for any organization, especially for tools in specialized areas like electronic design automation (EDA). Costs can add up quickly as users demand more resources. Altair HPCWorks’s tools for license allocation, management, and optimization minimize your licensing costs.

With Altair HPCWorks, you can right-size your software portfolio using real data to make informed business decisions. You can also maximize license utilization through sharing — even across multiple geographical sites and business units — to increase efficiency. Data analysis and visualization enables you to tune your current configuration and plan for the future.


As cloud HPC becomes an industry standard, organizations are scaling up and out of the data center with hybrid cloud computing and cloud bursting for peak-time workloads. With Altair HPCWorks, you don’t need to worry about on-premises resources or limited HPC storage solutions constraining your productivity.

Altair HPCWorks can help you migrate compute-intensive HPC workloads to the cloud and right-size your resources, including multi-cloud deployments. Scale easily with flexible resource provisioning and use powerful automation to manage clusters. Easy spend management tools let you monitor and control cloud costs, ultimately reducing expenses and improving time to results.


Altair HPCWorks is included with the turnkey Altair® Unlimited™ private appliance, available both on-premises and in the cloud. Altair Unlimited boxes up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service into a single, intuitive platform, and every system comes with a user-friendly web portal.

Altair Unlimited delivers unlimited use of a wide range of Altair solver software for simulating mechanics, fluids, electromagnetics, and more — including modeling, visualization, and optimization. With it, you can run all your favorite CAE software on a secure, scalable, easy-to-deploy platform that simplifies access to HPC infrastructure at an affordable cost.

Featured Products of the Altair HPCWorks Platform
Altair's industry-leading workload manager and job scheduler for high-performance computing (HPC) environments.
A portal for engineers and researchers that provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, or other resources.
Industry's fastest enterprise job scheduler with event-driven architecture for highest throughput and high-performance scheduling.
State-of-the-art private cloud HPC appliance offering unlimited use of all Altair software.
Where Simulation, HPC, and AI Converge

As the pace of innovation accelerates, Altair is helping companies use digital twins, intelligent models, and the convergence of simulation, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and optimize system outcomes. Learn how to access all Altair solutions with Altair One™ and Altair Units.

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