Altair Panopticon™

Software system for streaming processing and visualization of time series data in real time

Delays in decision-making are costly in industries and economies with tight time frames, such as electronic securities trading, technological production, telecommunications and energy.
Waiting for reports at the end of the working day means that, most likely, you will miss profitable opportunities or will not be able to respond to threats to business continuity, regulatory compliance or profitability until it is too late.

Panopticon software allows business users and engineers - the people closest to the process — to create, modify and deploy complex streaming analytics and data visualization applications using a "drag—and-drop" interface. Panopticon users can connect to almost any data source, including real-time streaming channels and time series databases, develop complex stream processing programs and create visual user interfaces that give them the perspectives they need to make deep, fully informed decisions based on arrays of rapidly changing data.
Panopticon provides more than 50 high-density infographics designed to help intuitive understanding of complex, rapidly changing data. You can analyze correlations, determine cluster performance clusters, trends, exceptions and anomalies in a matter of seconds.

Real-time data transmission

The Panopticon software system is designed specifically for working with high-speed data sources, as well as large data arrays. If necessary, the user can zoom in on the timeline to the nanosecond time stamp, as well as rewind and replay data streams at any speed.
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