Research, study, optimization.

HyperStudy is a software independent of the type of solver that allows you to study, optimize the design of the structure and probabilistic studies in order to optimize the behavior and stability of the structure/structure under study.

HyperStudy is a type-insensitive, multidisciplinary environment that enables design engineers to study the design of structures, optimize their quality and performance under operating conditions. HyperStudy provides engineers with an easy-to-use interface, thanks to which calculations, optimization and probabilistic studies can be easily performed to understand the behavior of the system. Processes with special conditions, system optimization, data sets adjustment and reliability and stability assessment are available for analysis.

Integrated into the HyperWorks environment, the HyperStudy software system allows you to directly parameterize data and directly transmit the results to most modern modeling software systems, such as RADIOSS, ABAQUS, Fluent, nCode, etc.

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