HyperWorks-solutions in the field of shipbuilding and marine engineering
Due to the increasing interdependence of the world, the industry in the field of marine engineering and shipbuilding is becoming increasingly important, especially given their role in the transportation, trade and delivery of fuel. Taking into account the toughening of global competition, the ability to reduce the time of sailing a ship there and back, as well as comprehensive costs, becomes a decisive factor in the success of the company. Based on this, the use of modeling technologies to improve the design solution and reduce the cost of physical tests remains one of the main ways to overcome the challenges facing engineers in the shipbuilding industry. 

Altair HyperWorks offers a comprehensive set of CAE modeling software systems to solve the above problems. In particular, Altair HyperWorks software will help design engineers and calculators in such aspects as:

• Elimination of the problem of excessive time spent on modeling by reducing by 50% the time required to build finite element models of a vessel or marine hydraulic structure based on three-dimensional CAD models or two-dimensional drawings. 

• Reduction of production time, labor cost, number of improvements by optimizing the length of the weld and reducing deformations during welding of various body elements;

• Minimization of material costs by creating an optimal weight of the vessel ship or marine hydraulic structure;

• Fixing the developed algorithms and increasing productivity by automating and standardizing typical and repetitive modeling tasks;

• Creation of safer ships and stable marine hydraulic structures with a significant reduction in the number of full-scale tests by replacing them with computer simulation of collisions, water impacts, wave rolling, as well as underwater earthquakes;

• Ensuring quality and reliability through certification modeling that ensures compliance with industry standards. 

The Altair HyperWorks software platform will ensure the creation of highly efficient design in the development of structures in the field of marine engineering and shipbuilding company.

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