Flow Simulator is a software developed initially by General Electric Corporation and integrated into the HyperWorks platform under the HyperWorks platform, developed by GE for analyzing flows inside gas turbine engines (GTE). FlowSimulator provides multidisciplinary analysis and optimization of the gas turbine engine in terms of gas dynamics, heat exchange and gorenje processes, is able to solve related problems of heat exchange and gas flow in the engine circuit.
FlowSimulator allows you to import the combustion chamber or the entire engine assembly and automatically build a calculation model based on the existing geometry.
Flow Simulator Features:

• Accounting for compressible/incompressible fluid

• Accounting for the flow in the rotating cavity

• Accounting for the chemistry of equilibrium processes during gorenje

• 8 types and combinations of analysis (steady-state, quasi-static process, transient process for gas-dynamic, thermal and gorenje processes);

• Accounting for all types of flight modes:

 - stationary flight mode

 - speed jump

 - emergency engine shutdown

 - low gas mode

 - surge

• Accounting for the flow in the rotating cavity

• Integration of electronic engine control systems into the design model

FlowSimulator modules include:

Rotating Cavity Module: Calculation of rotating cavities and mobile gas turbine engine systems

Combustion Module: Calculation of combustion chamber elements

Thermal Management Module: Calculation of heat exchangers

Lube/Fuel Module: Calculation of piston cylinders, bearings and pumps

Accessories Module: Calculation of valves, models of absolutely rigid tubes and pipeline elements, joints and controllers

LLC Laboratory "Computational Mechanics" (GC CompMechLab®) is a partner of Altair Engineering and the official distributor of the Flow Simulator software product as part of the HyperWorks software platform in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.

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