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The optimal solution for complex automation of your company in the conditions of global crises

Economic, social and political instability on the planet creates financial and economic risks for launching startups, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Having gone the way of creating a company from scratch, we have automated our business and the business of some of our customers. We have created five extremely cost-effective and flexible software products: H-X CRM, H-X Task Manager (task management), H-X Document Workflow (document management), H-X AutoPDF (presentation automation) and H-X Backup (intercontinental backup). Get to know them and share with us our confidence in the sustainability of the main business processes.
To automate your business, you can choose two fundamentally different approaches: develop software yourself or buy a finished product. The peculiarity of our offer is that it combines the advantages of both of these approaches, thanks to cloud technologies and a modern development method – Low Code.

Advantages of self-development:

  • maximum “sharpening” for your specific business;
  • virtually unlimited functionality and scaling potential, including ERP functions;
  • convenience and speed of implementation of new functionality.

Advantages of ready-made solutions:

  • short implementation time – using our best practices, you will be able to implement and configure the solution at home, spending from one to several weeks, depending on the degree of individual customization;
  • predictable costs;
  • high stability and low probability of errors;
  • no need to find and retain a team of developers, a business analyst and a project manager;
  • low technical complexity, thanks to which business owners or top managers can fully own these products, as well as actively participate in their configuration and refinement.

Unique advantages of our solution:

  • fast user training thanks to the familiar interfaces of Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations;
  • simplicity, reliability and security thanks to open source;
  • the dependence of accessibility only on such giants as Google and Amazon;
  • the supply chain depends only on such fundamental open-source projects as Linux and Git.

After a little training, you will be able to fully control your business automation system based on our products. Our systems and all their components will be completely transparent to you. This will give you independence from vendors and technical staff. All valuable information will be stored on different continents simultaneously in the Google and Amazon Web Services clouds. You will not worry about the safety of your digital assets even in the event of a full-scale nuclear war.
When we chose a comprehensive integrated business automation system for our company (CRM, PnL, task management and document management), we put forward the following requirements for it:

  • permanent full ownership of information, its mobility and flexibility – regular automatic export or backup of all data in an open format with the possibility of both importing into the same system and continuing to work in alternative systems;
  • customizable and extensible functionality;
  • interaction with external systems via API;
  • cloud solution with high availability;
  • web and mobile clients;
  • relatively fast implementation;
  • relatively low cost.

After studying the market, we were able to find only one product that met our requirements – Bitrix24. We started implementing it, but the war in Eastern Europe prevented this process. We had to abandon this Russian product due to a number of information security risks and sanctions imposed on Russia.

We have independently developed and successfully implemented our own comprehensive business automation system consisting of three products: H-X CRM, H-X Task Manager and H-X Document Workflow. It took us 4 months. We wrote about 3000 lines of code and spent 450 man-hours. We were able to achieve such results thanks to the use of a modern approach to software development – Low Code. We developed these products based on Google Workspace using Apps Script (JavaScript for Google apps).

For full-fledged work, it is desirable for users to have corporate Google Workspace accounts. However, it is allowed to work with only one paid account (6 USD /month), and the remaining accounts can be free. Our products provide basic classic business automation functions, including, for example, account statuses, filters, sorting, summary reporting, user notifications by email and messengers.

Our systems are used by us and some of our clients in everyday business processes.

This solution is optimal for small and medium-sized businesses. We are happy to share our experience and developments with you. If necessary, we will help you refine our solutions to suit the specifics of your business or teach you how to do it yourself.

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