Altair HyperLife™ Fatigue Strength Analysis Software System

The working process of calculating fatigue strength and durability


HyperLife is an easy—to-learn fatigue analysis software developed on the basis of an environment neutral from the point of view of basic solvers. It provides a complete set of tools for durability analysis, allowing direct import of result files from any commercial finite element analysis software system. Thanks to the built-in library of materials, Hyperline allows you to calculate the fatigue strength under cyclic loading, to which the part is subjected in various operating modes. This product includes numerous certification guidelines, and an open and customized platform makes it easy to implement your own calculation methods and requirements.

Main advantages:

- Intuitive, easy-to-learn and use graphical interface allows novice specialists or experts to effectively calculate fatigue strength.

- The ability to import the results of the CE analysis from the most common commercial solvers.

Main Features:

Available modules
Fatigue durability assessment modules are available, including: uniaxial SN/EN curves, multiaxial SN/EN curves, Dang Van (FOS) method and fatigue of welded joints (spot seam and weld).

A complete database of material properties built into the software system as part of the installation of a standard package (// ). HyperLife also supports all major welding standards, including FKM, DVS-1612, DVS-1608 and Eurocode-3.

Fatigue assessment is available for spot and weld seams, based on RUPP and VOLVO methods, respectively.

A detailed setup of fatigue analysis before launch is available. After the calculation is completed, the results can be used to construct contour isolines and histograms.

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