Welcome to Nano Tech Prom - official representatives of Altair Engineering in Central Asia!

Nano Tech Prom is a leader in the field of technical solutions and innovative technologies in Central Asia. Our company is committed to advanced technologies and strives to bring new, unique solutions for industry and engineering to the region.

We are proud to represent Altair Engineering, a world leader in software development for engineering and industrial solutions. For more than forty years Altair Engineering has been engaged in innovative technologies and high-performance software products that effectively solve the most complex tasks in various industries.

Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with advanced engineering solutions that allow them to optimize and improve their projects, significantly reducing time and financial costs. Thanks to our deep expertise in modeling, simulation and data analysis, we help companies turn their ambitious ideas into reality.

What makes us special:

Exclusive partnership: We are the official representatives of Altair Engineering in Central Asia, which allows us to provide only licensed and high-quality products and services.

Professional team: Our team consists of outstanding specialists with many years of experience, ready to creatively solve the most difficult tasks.

Individual approach: We carefully analyze the needs of each client and offer the most optimal and innovative solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions: We provide a wide range of software and consulting services for various industries and areas.

Support and Training: We value long-term relationships with our customers and guarantee reliable support and training on all our products.

If you strive for innovation and want to get advanced engineering solutions, Nano Tech Prom is your reliable partner. With us, your company is ready for the most ambitious challenges of the future. Contact us and let's create the future of industrial technologies together!

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