MultiScale Designer is an effective tool for the development and analysis of multilevel models of materials, such as composites reinforced with long and short fibers, braided composites, cellular structures, reinforced concrete, soils, bone tissue and other diverse heterogeneous structures.
Multiscale Designer allows you to generate different distributions of micro-inclusions, reinforcing fibers
Multiscale Designer is ideal for highlighting a representative element of the material volume, homogenization and evaluation of effective properties
The MultiScale Designer software system includes applications for multi-level modeling of the material structure, analysis of fracture upon reaching the ultimate strength, crack resistance analysis, statistical tolerances on the properties of materials, evaluation of fatigue, impact impacts on the material, degradation of material properties under the influence of the environment and multidisciplinary studies of the material structure. 

MultiScale Designer has interfaces for direct integration with commercial CE-solvers such as OptiStruct, RADIOSS, LS-DYNA and ABAQUS.
  • Development of multilevel models of materials using the method of direct homogenization and technologies of inverse optimization;
  • Built-in parametrized representative volume elements for unidirectional, braided and short fiber reinforced composite materials;
  • Analysis of the behavior of materials with nonlinear properties, including modeling of material destruction at the micro level when the ultimate strength is reached;
  • Fatigue assessment;
  • Interfaces for direct integration with commercial CE-solvers: Altair OptiStruct, RADIOSS, LS-DYNA and ABAQUS.

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