The FEKO software system is a finite element solver for a wide range of electromagnetism problems. In particular, FEKO allows solving problems about high-frequency pulses, evaluating interference of electromagnetic waves, field strength, scattering. In addition, the functionality and wide arsenal of FEKO allows you to fully design and analyze complex electromagnetic systems, such as antennas, radars and radar installations, biomedical equipment, telescopes, etc., to evaluate the compatibility of various electronic equipment.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the FEKO system, fully integrated into the HyperWorks software environment, is the best-in-class electrodynamic problem solver and is widely used in the aviation, space and shipbuilding industries, in the defense industry and in the design of modern digital electronics.

FEKO features and applications:

  • Antenna technology: analysis and optimization of the characteristics of radiating structures for various purposes and the principle of operation (from electrically small antennas with complex geometry to large–aperture quasi–optical structures; from resonant to ultra–wideband), specialized tools are also available (for example, for the analysis of characteristic harmonics of radiation - characteristic mode analysis);
  • elements of the microwave and radio path: analysis and optimization of the characteristics of functional nodes (transitions between paths of different types, dividers, resonators, filters, etc.) based on round, rectangular and coaxial waveguides, strip and wire structures;
  • special materials and periodic structures: when creating models, it is possible to work with anisotropic materials (including conductors), layered composites, analysis of electrical characteristics of frequency-selective surfaces and metamaterials;
  • antenna arrays: analysis of the electrical characteristics of antenna arrays, including sparse and non-periodic
  • antenna placement and parasitic interference of antennas: calculation of antenna directional patterns and transmission coefficients between different emitters, taking into account the influence of the placement object (for example, mast, fuselage of an aircraft, vehicle body, spacecraft, etc.);
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): analysis of the effectiveness of shielding, parasitic interference of radio engineering systems through cable assemblies (coaxial or stranded with a complex structure) taking into account the installation on the carrier object, the formation of requirements for protective zones;
  • interaction of electromagnetic fields and biological objects: analysis of homogeneous and inhomogeneous bodies, calculation of specific absorbed power (SAR), anatomical models for research in the field of biomedical engineering;
  • electromagnetic wave scattering (EMW): investigation of EMW scattering by structures with arbitrary electrical dimensions and geometry, analysis of monostatic and bistatic diagrams of the effective scattering area (ESR) of objects is possible by both rigorous and approximate computational methods.
  • optimization of characteristics: multi-criteria optimization of electrical characteristics by point criteria or by value mask is possible both with the help of algorithms built into Altair FEKO and with Altair HyperStudy tools.

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