Altair Inspire Print3D is a software system designed for the design of parts, modeling and analysis of the additive manufacturing process. Inspire Print 3D allows you to reduce the cost of design development and 3D printing by reducing material consumption, reducing the cost of test samples, printing time and post-processing. Inspire Print3D is a set of tools for fast and accurate design of parts for 3D printing and modeling of the selective laser fusion (SLM) process.

Using modeling of thermo-mechanical processes, Inspire Print3D makes it possible to evaluate the printing process in real life mode and, if necessary, easily change the critical parameters of the process, and also allows you to minimize the number of supports, reduce potential defects such as deformation, delamination of the part and overheating of its individual elements.
Altair Inspire Print3D allows you to analyze the entire 3D printing process
Key Features:

• Generation of supports as part of the design process within a single software environment;

• Built-in solver for accurate analysis of related thermomechanical problems of the entire printing process: from construction and cooling to extraction and post-processing of the part;

• Intuitive user interface that allows engineers to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of the production process.


Reduction of production costs

Reduce the number of supports, correct potential defects, such as part deformation, delamination and overheating, before the printing process begins, in order to improve the product design and reduce the effort for subsequent processing of the part.

Improving the efficiency of the process

From generative design to processability assessment - use Print3D to analyze product design and model the manufacturing process itself in a single fast, easy-to-use, accurate and accessible software environment.

Designing optimal products

Create efficient designs that are optimal for the laser fusion (SLM) process, using advanced thermomechanical analysis technologies to reduce post-processing time and avoid unnecessary expensive unsuccessful printing attempts.

Below is a video demonstrating the main features of the Altair Inspire Print3D software.

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