Software system for modeling metal casting processes Altair Inspire Cast

The use of computer modeling technologies for metal casting processes is an integral part of successful foundry production. Thanks to such technologies, it is possible to evaluate the quality and efficiency of molds without spending resources and time on testing, as well as to reduce the percentage of defects and the cost of production.

The Altair Inspire Cast software system, which is part of the Altair/solidThinking, Inc. product line, is designed for fast and efficient modeling of metal casting (mold shedding assessment).

- Using Altair Inspire Cast, it is possible to automatically build a calculated CE model based on an STL file, evaluate form filling, material curing, the presence of air traps, volumetric shrinkage, etc. 

- Altair Inspire Cast is equipped with its own built-in database of material properties, however, at the request of the customer, the developer can add the necessary material, customizing the database for a specific user. 

- Altair Inspire Cast has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Working in the Altair Inspire Cast software system does not require special training, and also does not require an engineer to have specialized knowledge in the field of metal casting. The Altair Inspire Cast system is easy to install, configure and operate. 

Altair Inspire Cast is a vivid example of the democratization of metal casting modeling technology: it is an effective and powerful tool for preliminary mold evaluation, while it compares favorably with competitors in terms of cost.
1. Gravity Casting
2. Investment Casting
3. HighPressure Casting
4. Low Pressure Casting
The customers of the Altair Inspire Cast software system include such world-famous companies as SCANIA, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche AG, ALSTOM, Continental, TEVES, SHILOH, REGAL, Bertoli Gianfranco, Prototypen Schmeide, etc.

solidThinking, Inc. is one of the few companies that really supports its users by conducting training webinars, collecting feedback from customers, updating and improving software systems, adapting them to the needs and requests of its users.

Thanks to this company policy, you can receive detailed information about all updates to the Altair Inspire Cast software system.


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