Government Agencies

Government and academic organizations around the world depend on technology to drive critical programs including research, administration, and national security. Altair can provide a FedRAMP-certified Data Analytics (DA) solution for all our tools, this gives institutions the tools they need to optimize operations.

Data Analytics for Federal Governments

Government organizations around the world depend on data analytics to drive critical programs including military maintenance, intelligence, fraud detection, and accounting. Now more than ever, it is vital that federal agencies are using their data in the most efficient ways possible to arrive at actionable insights quickly.

With the necessary accreditation to operate on government networks, Altair’s no code, self-service analytics solutions enables people of all skill levels in government agencies to use data to solve for security, logistics, and policy-based use cases.
Experience predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize operations.

Ensure Military Resources are Always Mission-Ready

Having confidence that military equipment is safe and reliable requires close attention to proactive equipment maintenance schedules. With Altair® RapidMiner®, our data analytics and AI platform, Military Maintenance Groups can more effectively monitor equipment by combining data from different systems to identify which equipment is due for scheduled maintenance and which individuals are due for training.

Faster, More Accurate Financial and Human Resources Operations

Accurate bookkeeping is especially important for the government, where budgets are highly monitored and regulated. With Altair RapidMiner, manual general ledger and payroll reconciliations turn into an automated, accurate process that can be completed in seconds, freeing government and educational institutions to save money and focus on serving communities.

HPC for Government and Education

Altair computing solutions enable government and academic organizations around the world to power and orchestrate high-performance computing (HPC) workload management, and to equip their users and administrators with the tools they need to get the most from powerful HPC infrastructure. Altair® PBS Professional® is the de facto standard for large, complex supercomputing systems and for smaller clusters alike. HPC in government and university settings provides critical support for resource-intensive computing in many fields, including weather forecasting, space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research — and researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge at leading institutions around the world.

Restore Focus on Student Success

Systems, like BANNER and College, generate unusable text-based reports that cannot be easily reconciled with financial system reports. With Altair data analytics solutions, ERP reports are instantly converted into rows-and-columns and reconciled with updated student account information, freeing institutions to spend less time worrying about maintaining accurate financial records and more time focusing on student success.

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