The design and development of special equipment, as well as its optimization, taking into account the interaction with bulk materials during their unloading, loading and transportation, is the most important task for companies engaged in the production of such equipment. EDEM software for modeling and analyzing the behavior of bulk solids by the method of discrete elements allows you to optimize designs and increase production efficiency in heavy machinery, mining, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.
First introduced to the market in 2006, EDEM software was developed by DEM Solutions, and since 2019 it has been included in the Altair HyperWorks platform. EDEM has interfaces to various HyperWorks platform software systems, as well as two-way communication (Coupling) with products such as AcuSolve and MotionSolve. In addition, EDEM can work together with third-party MBS and CFD solvers.
EDEM offers specialized tools that can give an idea of the interaction with the elements of the mechanisms of such bulk materials as granules, capsules, powders, sand, coal, soil and crushed stone. This software is recommended to all developers of equipment designed to interact with bulk materials: screens, ball mills, vibrating screens, dump truck bodies, excavators, grabs, augers and sifters of combine harvesters and others.
By introducing modeling and analysis in EDEM software into the design workflow, equipment manufacturers significantly reduce their dependence on creating real prototypes and can increase the productivity and reliability of the designs being developed by understanding how the behavior of bulk materials will affect the equipment being designed.

The EDEM solver perfectly parallelizes tasks not only by cores (CPU), but also by graphics accelerators (GPU), and the second approach is even more effective in terms of accelerating the solution of a problem with hundreds of thousands and millions of elements. Also, the EDEM software package contains an independent EDEM GUI interface that allows you to build a calculation model "from scratch" without resorting to connecting additional preprocessors.

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