Automotive industry

HyperWorks software platform: a proven solution in the field of car behavior modeling.
Altair Engineering, Inc., a recognized leader in the development of CAE systems, has been creating best-in-class tools for modeling, analysis and optimization for more than 20 years. The HyperWorks platform is used by most of the leaders in the automotive industry and their suppliers, who fully utilize all the capabilities of the flexible Altair licensing system.

HyperWorks offers the widest range of CAE solutions for the automotive industry, including:

• Design optimization

• Crash tests and safety simulation

• Noise and vibration modeling

• Durability analysis

• Simulation of car dynamics

• CFD analysis

• Modeling of production processes

The HyperWorks platform has a whole list of proven achievements in various automotive industries, including:

• Interior: seats, dashboard, trim

• Body: “black” body, seals, upholstery

• Power unit (gearbox and engine)

• Chassis (undercarriage)

• Climate control systems

• Energy consumption and safety systems

• Electrical system and control system

• Balance: aerodynamic performance, lightweight structures, low rolling resistance/high drive efficiency and reduced energy consumption

The HyperWorks platform includes a large set of best-in-class software products in the automotive industry:

• Finite element modeling and model tuning (HyperMesh and HyperCrash);

• Crash tests (RADIOSS), analysis of vibroacoustic properties (NVH analysis) (OptiStruct);

• Modeling by multi-body dynamics (kinematic modeling) (MotionView and MotionSolve);

• Optimization (OptiStruct and HyperStudy);

• Modeling of aerodynamic properties (AcuSolve).

The HyperWorks Partner Alliance program provides additional benefits to users of the unique Altair licensing system in the form of the possibility of using partner software products, including tools for modeling passenger damage in an accident, fatigue assessment, electromagnetic analysis and analysis of aerodynamic properties of the car.

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