High-precision environment for accident damage analysis and safety assessment



HyperCrash is a pre-processing environment designed to automate the creation of high-quality models for virtual crash tests and safety assessment. Developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, the HyperCrash environment increases the efficiency of the relevant departments of the company using this program, as well as the accuracy of modeling results by organizing an orderly workflow and automated verification and correction of the model.
HyperCrash is the most complete set of user functions designed to simulate the most complex and intricate crash tests, solving vehicle safety problems. The environment allows you to replace parts of the model and their positioning, change the location of dummies and test the operation of the seat belt.

HyperCrash gives users the opportunity to save unprecedented time spent on analyzing the model, while achieving high-quality and high-precision results.
Advantages of HyperCrash:

Graphical user interface focused on crash test simulation
The HyperCrash software system has a well-adapted interface for creating, editing and configuring models for crash tests and car safety assessment. Such a flexible interface not only simplifies the study of the program, but also allows you to avoid typical errors due to the presence of a powerful error analyzer in the model.

Fast creation of a high-quality model
The software environment created to automate the simulation procedure allows you to reduce the time of setting up and processing the crash model, which increases productivity and the quality of results. In addition, the HyperCrash system is designed to efficiently handle crash models containing several million finite elements.

Support of standard engineering procedures and user's own developments
The HyperCrash software system allows you to manage and automate engineering procedures necessary to create standardized and customized crash models and computational models for safety assessment, including "de-penetration" procedures, "de-intersection" procedures and generation of contact points.

Replacement of model elements based on a database and a built-in File Manager
The HyperCrash system allows you to prepare a model based on accumulated databases. Thus, users can quickly and efficiently replace model elements at the level of components, subsystems and entire systems. A well-thought-out toolkit includes a File Manager, which opens up the widest possibilities for parallelizing tasks.

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