SIMSOLID is a development of the American company of the same name SIMSOLID Corporation, a software product designed specifically for design engineers, which allows strength analysis of parts with complex geometry and large assemblies. The main advantage of SIMSOLID is the automated simplification of complex geometry and automatic generation of the KE grid. At the same time, this software allows analysis to be carried out quickly and with high accuracy on a standard engineering computer.
Key advantages of SIMSOLID:

* Analysis of large assemblies in minutes;

* Savings on prototyping through computer engineering;

* Analysis of the manufacturability of products at the initial design stage to select the optimal design.
5 reasons to choose SimSolid:

1. Shortening the design time: Thanks to the introduction of computer modeling at the early stages of the design process, users can confidently create a conceptual design of products without sacrificing their key characteristics.

2. Extensive research capabilities: Allows you to analyze parts with complex geometry and large assemblies, while eliminating the need for manual construction of a finite element grid. It is not sensitive to models with geometric inaccuracies.

3. Performance Improvement: Fast and accurate software algorithms allow for analysis in seconds, enabling users to evaluate and compare different design variations.

4. Minimal financial costs: SimSolid software is available within the Altair HyperWorks software platform, which has a flexible licensing system based on the principles of electronic units – tokens. 

5. Technical support for users: Technical support for users from all over the world by a professional team of Altair experts.

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