A new generation CFD solver based on the finite element method

AcuSolve is a multi-purpose QE solver for analyzing the flow of liquids and gases (CFD analysis) and has a unique stability, speed and accuracy of calculations in its class. AcuSolve is intended for use by both designers and design engineers at various stages of design of the structure.
AcuSolve can be used as a self-contained product, as well as as a program integrated with other powerful applications for creating design or performing engineering analysis. With AcuSolve, users can get a high-quality solution to their problem without multiple iterations of solution procedures, as well as without worrying about the quality of the grid and the topology of the model.

Key Advantages of AcuSolve:

Sustainability - most tasks are solved from the first launch;
Speed - the ability to efficiently parallelize tasks on multi-core computers;
Accuracy - both in coordinates and in time, the solution of almost any problem is characterized by very high accuracy.

Below are animations illustrating the use of CAD/FEA/CFD/CAE/FSI/HPC world-class technologies - HyperWorks - software systems for finite element modeling, analysis and engineering HyperMesh and AcuSolve/ACUSIM of the American company Altair Engineering for mathematical and computer modeling and research of wind turbine problems.

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