Altair Inspire is an innovative technology that allows design engineers and designers to quickly create optimal design concepts for a wide variety of products and evaluate the effectiveness of their structure.
Altair Inspire is a software system of topological and topographic optimization that allows you to quickly create an efficient, optimal design in terms of mass, rigidity and strength of a wide variety of structures and structures. Inspire allows you to reduce the time of the product development cycle and its complexity, increase efficiency and speed up the design process, increase the accuracy of engineering and design solutions. Already at the design concept development stage, it is possible to reduce the weight of the structure by 15-20%, as well as to assess its rigidity and strength.

Altair Inspire uses top-class technological solutions from Altair Engineering, Inc., in particular, OptiStruct® optimization technology, which allows you to develop structures and structures optimal in terms of strength and weight in the shortest possible time. 

The main features of Altair Inspire include:

  • Optimization of the structure according to the criterion of minimizing the mass;
  • Optimization of the structure according to the criterion of maximum rigidity;
  • Optimization taking into account the desired spectrum of natural frequencies of oscillations;
  • Consideration of geometric constraints and boundary conditions;
  • Accounting for contact zones, as well as bolts and studs.
The user-friendly, easy-to-use, familiar to CAD systems interface of the Altair Inspire software product enables the user to quickly master the program and helps in creating and visualizing models of the designed products.
Altair Inspire Interface
Altair Inspire Interface
With the help of the design concept obtained in Altair Inspire, a design engineer or designer can create an optimal model of the designed product that meets the requirements of the technical specification, with maximum savings of their labor and time.

Key Advantages of Altair Inspire:

  • Possibility of application in a wide range of industries;
  • Automatic, hidden from the eyes of the designer, the construction of a high-quality CE grid;
  • Application of boundary conditions and loads in one "click";
  • Optimization according to the criteria of maximum rigidity and minimum mass, taking into account the natural frequency spectrum of the structure;
  • The ability to export the resulting configuration to any commercial CAD systems.
Designing the optimal bracket design with Altair Inspire
Altair Inspire allows you to adapt an optimized product for 3D printing: the ability to easily and quickly convert the product design into a format convenient for transferring directly to 3D printers. 

Following the modern trends of industrial production, the international corporation Renishaw Group, which also works in the development of innovative products, together with the British leader in the production of bicycles Empire Cycles Ltd. have created a modern mountain bike Empire MX-6 with a frame printed on a 3D printer and a saddle holder optimized in Altair Inspire.
Topological optimization of the Empire MX-6 saddle holder model in Altair Inspire with subsequent improvement of its design for the production of the finished part
Using modern technology of multiparametric topological optimization, Altair Inspire managed to achieve a 33% reduction in the weight of the entire product compared to the original design project.

The world leader in the automotive industry, Daimler AG, has implemented Altair Inspire in all its 70 design bureaus around the world as the main tool for rapid optimization. Daimler AG engineers note: "This software product is perfect for pre-optimization of individual small parts, assemblies, and entire vehicle systems. With the help of Inspire, an engineer can set the necessary rigidity for a structural element and build a structure based on the optimization criterion laid down at an early stage of design.

Altair Inspire is available both as part of the Altair HyperWorks global software platform and as an independent product.

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