Altair Inspire Studio is a software platform for express analysis and optimization; a software environment for 3D design, rendering, and control of solvers of the Inspire global platform, allowing engineers, designers, architects and computer graphics specialists to create, evaluate, optimize and visualize conceptual designs faster than ever before. 

Inspire Studio is based on the functionality and tools of the previously known solidThinking Evolve software, but the updated product goes far beyond the previous system.

In Inspire Studio, the tools and workflow are optimized for fast and efficient design: from creating initial sketches to evaluating the design using free polygonal, solid-state and parametric modeling based on the technology of PolyNURBS (non-uniformly rational B-splines). Working with geometry in the Inspire Studio environment is very easy for the user and allows you to reduce the design time of the model concept by 90% compared to well-known CAD systems.
Inspire Studio can run on Mac and Windows operating systems as a software product with an independent license, and within the framework of the Altair HWU flexible licensing system based on electronic keys-tokens.

Key features of Inspire Studio include:

  • A design tree with unlimited access to history – the ability to automatically return to an earlier design stage, reusing or modifying objects from previous stages in real time.
  • Sketch – creating and editing 2D sketches based on technical constraints, applying geometric connections between components.
  • Surfaces and Curves – creating curved topologically continuous surfaces using PolyNURBS technology.
  • Rendering and Animation – Creating high-quality images and animations using a physics engine with global illumination in offset photorealistic, undistorted and interactive Presto modes.
  • Toolkits – Access to the most common tools for 3D modeling, sketching and PolyNURBS directly from the graphics area in one click. The tool kits can be customized according to the individual needs of the user.

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